Under Counter Water Purifier


Modern, compact filters Aquaphor Crystal series not only perfectly and quickly purify water, but also thanks to using innovative technologies are the most convenient and easiest to use of the other desktop filters. Replacement filters last much longer than normal systems due to the increased amount of adsorbent. Crystal also outperforms other brands because it is much easier to replace filters due to the special fasteners which require minimal time and effort. In addition, filters are replaced with housing that prevents contamination.

    8000 L
    2,5 L/min

Quality purification

Crystal ECO makes tap water taste, smell and look great, while making it safe at the same time. With its tiny pores, Hollow Fiber membrane mechanically captures all harmful bacteria and cysts from your drinking water, so that anyone in your family benefit from healthier drinks and food.

Compact high performer

Install Crystal ECO under the sink and you will hardly notice it is there, since it takes up so little space. However, compactness does not lead to diminished performance – Crystal ECO replacement filters contain 10% more adsorbents than traditional 10” cartridges for drinking water systems.

Easy maintenance

Crystal ECO does not require professional maintenance. In fact, it only needs your attention once a year, for replacing the set of cartridges, which is quick and easy because of our «Click-and-Turn» technology.

How it works

Crystal ECO has all the stages needed to protect you and your family: preparation, ultrafiltration and conditioning.

  • Firstly, water flows through carbon-block and cleaned from sediments and chlorine;
  • Then, water goes to the ultrafiltration membrane with 0,01 pores. It will remove all bacterias and cysts from your water;
  • Finally, your water goes into the conditioning cartridge, which improves its taste and odor.

We also offer Reverse Osmosis in the Maltese islands: The procedure to produce fresh and tasty water directly from your sink.