Financing & Grants


One can apply for financing through leading banks that provide loans at advantageous rates. We suggest that you speak to your banker for more information.

Moreover Renergy Limited is a member of the BOV GRTU scheme for the Photovoltaic systems government grants. Call us on 21322999 or email us on for more information.


Photovoltaic Systems

Government Grants

The much awaiting PV Government Grant Scheme was announced. If you apply for this grant you will be refunded 50% of the total cost of your PV system up to a maximum of Euro 2,300.

The EU-funded schemes total €15 million and will run on a first come, first served basis. Successful applicants will then benefit from a feed-in tariff of 16c5. Applications will open on May 30. An estimated 7,000 families are expected to benefit from the scheme.

So hurry up and invest in a PV system today to be one of those 7,000 families! Contact us today for more information on 21322999 or


The Feed-in-Tariff scheme is open. The scheme consists of selling all the electricity generated by the photovoltaic system for Euro 15c5 for a period of 20 years. If interested in the feed-in-tariff contact us and we will guide you.

Should you require any further information please do contact us on 21322999 or email on

One can also visit the website of the Regulator of Energy and Water Services on

Solar Water Heater

In order to further encourage the use of renewable sources of energy for domestic use, the following Incentive Scheme has been launched. The National Scheme provides a grant of 40% up to €400

The scheme was further extended to the 31st December 2016 by government notice GN1272 of 2015

For more information visit REWS or contact us on 21322999 or email on