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Photovoltaic Systems

Photovoltaic Solar panels in Malta these days are sleek, beautiful and more affordable than ever before. We are leading suppliers of Trina Solar, LG and SunPower PV Panel systems in Malta.

Solar Water Heating

Solar thermal heating for domestic hot water is the fastest growing renewable technology across Europe. We offer a wide range of Solar Water Heating products including solar water heaters, thermal systems, pool heating etc.

Air Conditioning Systems

Renergy offers a range of air conditioning systems in Malta, starting from the small scale domestic units up to large scale industrial and commercial systems.

Central Heating Systems

Make your home a comfortable place with central heating or underfloor heating. At Renergy Ltd we offer central heating and underfloor heating that can work with electricity or otherwise with water heating.

Petrol Stations

Renergy Ltd, through our team of qualified engineers offers consultation and installation of Petrol Stations in Malta. We work with various suppliers to accommodate the client.

Power Factor Correction units

There are numerous benefits to be gained through power factor correction. These benefits range from reduced demand charges on your power system to increased load carrying capabilities in your existing circuits and overall reduced power system loses.

Why Choose Renergy Limited


World Class Operations

Best in class solar equipment from top rated pv manufacturers

Qualified Engineers

Individual attention by qualified engineers

Optimized energy output

Optimal design to maximise your roof

First Class Service

Free site visits and site plans with our computer software

Service Warranty

Up to 25 years warranty on product and performance

Wise Investment

Huge return on investment and Instant savings


Customised solar panel installations

Government Incentive

Take advantage of the government rebate scheme

Quality Solar Panel Installation – Custom Designs For Your Home