Off Grid Photovoltaic Systems

As every application for an off grid system is different, Renergy engineers will custom design a solution to suit your needs with special care to building architecture, electrical safety and reliability.

Most off grid systems will include

  • state of the art electronics to control and charge the batteries
  • Top quality PV modules


How it Works

Clean electricity where you want it, when you want it

A solar home system consists of a solar charge controller, one or more solar modules, a battery and the connected loads.

The solar charge controller is connected directly to the battery and fixed near to the battery, so that it can be effectively cooled by the passing air flow. In principle, the battery is always connected to the charge controller first. Then the solar module field is connected to the solar module input of the charge controller.

When AC loads need to be powered, stand-alone systems are equipped with an extra inverter. This extra inverter changes the direct current of the battery into alternating current. This means that any common AC appliances can be used – just like with the public grid. However, DC appliances can also be connected to the output of the charge controller. The inverter is connected directly to the battery, using a cable which is as short and as fat as possible. An AC system can be created with a system or battery voltage of 12 V, and also with 24 V or 48 V for greater capacities. This concept makes installation quick and easy.