Bio-Ethanol Fireplaces

No chimney! No gas! No smoke! This means that everyone can enjoy the warmth of a real flame. These fireplaces run on bio-ethanol fuel that is a very clean liquid fuel and do not need a chimney. They do not rely on any external connection (electricity or gas).

In the mild Mediterranean winters, ethanol fireplaces in Malta are a true pleasure as they produce neither smoke nor gas and are the safest way to spend cozy warm evenings outside.

There are minimalist wall mounted models where the main feature will be the dancing flames. Or they can be combined with our mantels that will create a feature to embellish your room. Otherwise we can provide the ethanol burner and you can create your own customised fireplace around it.

Our range of stylish bioethanol fireplaces are easily installed and use eco-friendly biofuel. Bioethanol fires don’t need a chimney, making them ideal for most homes in Malta.