Bio-Ethanol Fireplaces & Barbecues

No chimney! No gas! No smoke! This means that everyone can enjoy the warmth of a real flame. The Bio-Blaze® fireplaces run on bio-ethanol fuel and do not need a chimney. They do not rely on any external connection (electricity or gas).

In the mild Mediterranean winters, ethanol fireplaces in Malta are a true pleasure as they produce neither smoke nor gas and are the safest way to spend cozy warm evenings outside.

The design of the fireplaces is specifically created for either interior and exterior use and decoration. We here at can create an exclusive package for your needs. Their natural yellow flames will instantly create a cozy atmosphere. In a condo, house or loft, on a balcony or in a garden, they can be easily attached to a wall, placed in an open space or put on a coffee table.

If you want to see more you can visit our fireplaces in Malta page as well.