Central Heating Systems

Central heating systems are all about creating the ideal environment.  Renergy can offer a tailor made solution whether it involves a renovation or a new-build project and can supply an end-product designed to create the perfect climate at home or at work.

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Underfloor Malta

Renergy offers a complete set of services and products related to central heating including:

  1. Concept and design including proper insulation of the property
  2. Identification of heat losses and solutions for reducing losses
  3. Identification of the ideal central heating system to put in place
  4. Panel Radiators
  5. Underfloor Heating
  6. Design of solar thermal support (if possible)
  7. Identification of ideal support heat source – usually a Gas Boiler

Solar thermal support can provide over 60% of the building’s heating needs, especially if a building has been properly insulated.  If a building is still in design stage, it is possible, through passive solar design, to design a building which requires little or no energy to heat or cool its interior, providing a perfect indoor climate with minimum energy costs and carbon footprint.

When it comes to heating systems and even fireplaces in Malta & Gozo we have you covered as well. Get in touch with us today to get more information about what we can do for you.