Water Solutions

Effective water purifiers for the real-world conditions.

The goal of water filtration devices is to remove impurities from water. It is crucial that the pollutants accumulated in the filter, along with non-potable filter materials, do not dissolve back into the water during the filtration process.

Most household filters are based on industrial-scale water purification systems. Unfortunately, scaling down leads to a number of unfavourable compromises: such filters are either less effective at purifying water or need to be replaced often. So, the only way we see to make world best filters is to develop our own technologies, that completely fulfil our consumer’s needs.

AQUAPHOR designs its products reinventing water purification to bring the most satisfying point-of-use water filtration experience. Because of this specific approach, AQUAPHOR’s filtration technologies and filters based on them are the best fit for household water filtration.