Reverse Osmosis Purifier

Reverse Osmosis is the most efficient, powerful way to purify your water.

If you want to remove a range of potential contaminants from your drinking water, such as bacteria, pesticides, heavy metals and fluoride, Reverse Osmosis is your easiest and best solution. Plus you get great tasting, healthy water!

The filter is designed to fit easily under a standard kitchen sink. To serve your fresh, purified drinking water you can either choose a stylish, small extra tap on your countertop, or you can get a ‘three way tap’ which gives you hot, cold and filtered water.

Reverse Osmosis produces premium quality water right from your tap. In addition to removing excessive hardness it mineralizes your water with the balanced quantities of magnesium and calcium. This will make your food and beverages taste good.

  • Healthy minerals – Mg2+
  • no limescale – Fresh Tasty Water

Saves 2/3 of undersink space

We invented a reverse osmosis system that will fit almost any under sink cabinet. Aquaphor RO-101 is the most compact reverse osmosis water purifier with the full-size membrane. You’d be surprised how little space it requires.

However, compactness does not lead to diminished performance – RO-101 replacement filters contain 10% more adsorbents than traditional 10” cartridges for drinking water systems and a full-size 50 gallon per day membrane. It means that you have fresh homemade drinking water from tap whenever you’ll need it.

Make water safe

Tap water may contain harmful substances, including chlorine, lead and bacteria. They can damage your health. Reverse osmosis is a versatile protection against all contaminants for your and your family. For our team at Renergy in Malta it is important to provide a safe and healthy environment to your family, because – as a family ourselves – we understand family values.

Optimal mineralization for healthier life

Magnesium and Calcium are important for the health of your teeth, bones, skin, hair and all processes in your organism. Moreover, mineralized water is perfect for tea and coffee brewing, soup and bakery.

How it works

RO-101 has all the stages of a professional drinking-water treatment plant: preparation, membrane separation and enrichment.

  • In the preparation stage, water is cleaned from chlorine and all mechanical solids like sand, clay, rust and mud.
  • In the membrane separation stage, the RO membrane completely removes all dangerous contaminants. The water becomes soft, pure and tasty.
  • In the final stage the water is double mineralized with benefitial for your health micro-amounts of elements such as magnesium and calcium.