Photovoltaic Panels

Renergy Ltd. uses only best-in-class solar equipment from top-rated manufacturers. We have done the homework for you and have selected solar modules that offer a combination of high performance and high quality. Renergy Ltd. designers will recommend the optimal solar panels for your home, taking into account roof space, architectural, aesthetic and energy-production needs.

Financial efficiency

A key factor for many homeowners in selecting solar panels in Malta is cost effectiveness. We evaluate panels based on “financial efficiency”, or the cost of the energy the panels will produce over their lifetime (cost per kilowatt-hour produced). Our relationships with top module manufacturers give us access to high-performance, high-quality products at volume discount prices. Specifically, Renergy Limited has chosen solar modules that have among the industry’s highest energy production performance in real-world operating conditions. This means with Renergy, for every Watt of system size you pay for, you get more energy production. This further improves the financial efficiency and your return on investment. The performance of all modules offered by Renergy Ltd in malta is unmatched by other widely touted modules.

Proven technology and experience

solar PV-modules Malta

Renergy Ltd.  is proud to offer the best proven solar module technologies offered by:

All have demonstrated long-term field reliability and a high energy yield across a wide range of climatic conditions, including low light and high temperatures. This means that they operate efficiently during the hot afternoon and in cloudy and low light conditions.